Alpine Fitness in South Tyrol

Spring in South Tyrol

Spring in South Tyrol is an experience in every respect. At this time of the year each region offers very special activities. While others are still enjoying the recent snow in the Dolomites, the...Read more

The South Tyrolean Wine Museum

The South Tyrolean Wine Museum opens the new museum year 2014 on 1 April. In April are already organized two concerts, one barrel binding screening and weekly tours.The museum gives visitors an...Read more

Photo Exhibition: Fantastic mountain scenery

Arik Oberrauch lives in Lajen and his passion is to represent people and landscape in his photographs. He brings the incredible emotions of nature to the light and invites to a journey through the...Read more

Snow in South Tyrol

Unhurried skiing to and fro, the dazzling summit cross in your sights and then perhaps the greatest reward: a view over the entire snowy winter landscape of South Tyrol. Breathe in the clear, tangy air, be at one with nature and experience the uniquely beautiful South Tyrolean scenery, far away from every day life.


Winter Holidays in South Tyrol

Glide through a snow covered winter world – enjoy vitality, health and a sense of equilibrium.

Even though today people no longer have to use skis to a large degree to get around, the fascination with the sport of cross-country skiing is still alive and well.


snow in South Tyrol

In your snowshoes tramp over snow-covered South Tyrolean alpine slopes, wander through dense forests, admire glittering snow crystals and breathe in and enjoy the winter air far away from the hurly burly of the pistes. South Tyrol is the ideal location in which to practise this sport, enjoy the peace and quiet and indulge your soul in a few sun-drenched moments.


autumn in South Tyrol

Nordic Walking is walking with special poles, which are not snatched, but rather swung alongside the body with every arm movement - an ideal method of getting fit gently and having fun at the same time.


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